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By: Indy Staff
Issue: 170 | 10/15/2019
Green New Deal analysis shows staggering per household costs if implemented
Despite the fact that nearly everyone universally agrees that we should take better care of the environment, with a total price tag estimated at $88 trillion in the first nine years the Green New Deal will ultimately eat 100% of the United States GDP and collapse the government with unserviceable debt, leaving taxpayers holding the bag.
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By: Indy Staff
Issue: 167 | 07/20/2018
Federal judge hands the DOJ a mixed California sanctuary state ruling
Sacramento-based U.S. District Court Judge John Mendez issued a mixed decision, rejecting some of the Department of Justice requests for a preliminary injunction seeking to block California sanctuary laws while approving other parts of the petition. The decision was largely seen as a victory for open borders advocates, seeking an end to deportations.
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By: Randall Lichner
Issue: 166 | 06/28/2018
Prescription Drugs Linked to Increased Violence
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