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Governor Newsom signs statewide rent control bill that adds more renter protections
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by Sanda Lichner
Issue 170 - 10/15/2019
On October 8, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1482 into law, limiting rent increases statewide and adding more tenant protections, despite nearly universal opposition from investment property stakeholders. "This is a profoundly important moment," Newsom said at the signing ceremony while surrounded by tenant advocates in Oakland. "The fact that we are leading the nation in trying to meet this moment is a point of pride."

Under the new California law, which affects an estimated 2.4 million households, annual rent increases will be limited to 5% plus inflation for the next decade and tenants will receive protections against being evicted without cause. AB 1482 comes less than a year after California voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot initiative that would have allowed cities and counties to impose rent control in their communities. During his campaign for the governorship, Newsom opposed the ballot measure and called on lawmakers to override voters.

Developers of apartment communities within the last 15 years, and individual owners of single family rental homes will not be subject to the rent increase cap. The law also prohibits landlords from evicting tenants who have lived in an apartment for a year without proof of documented lease violations.

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