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EU User Consent Policy
April 12, 2018

In the European Union, the pertinent legal framework regarding privacy, and thus and Privacy Policies, is the Data Protection Directive and the ePrivacy Directive (the Directives). As a digital publication operated from a non-member jurisdiction, we are not required to provide consumers in the EU with informed consent. In keeping with the spirit of the legislation, this publication uses cookies to collect and maintain non-personally identifying data while you are on our website. We do not track you off our website and our session-based cookies expire when you leave our website.

General Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, primarily used to efficiently deliver our products and services to you while you are visiting our website. These cookies to not transmit any personally identifying information to us and expire when you leave our website.

If you subscribe to our digital or print publication, we place a Subscriber Cookie on your computer that allows us to personally identify you while you are visiting our website. Subscriber Cookies allow us to provide you with access to restricted content, not available to the general public. At a minimum, we securely maintain your name, email address and zip code. We do not share your personally identifying information with third parties. When you subscribe to our publication, you provide us with Informed Consent to store and maintain your personal data.

To obtain this information, please send an email message to us at EUprivacy(at) with "Request for EU Privacy Information" in the subject line of your message. We will provide the requested information to you in an email response in a reasonable period of time, but no more than seven (7) days from receipt.

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