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CBD shows promise as a supplement for better overall health
Randall Lichner Photo
by Randall Lichner
Issue 170 - 10/15/2019
Cannabidiol, better known CBD, has taken the country by storm. Everyone from athletes to celebrities are using CBD to treat common health conditions or improve athletic performance by speeding recovery. According to an August 2019 Gallup Survey, one in seven Americans are using it for a variety of reasons, including: stress and anxiety reduction, pain relief, seizure disorders, and even to help fight cancer.

CBD isn't a magic solution, doesn't work the same way for everyone and some people who try it believe it does nothing. The reason for this is because CBD indirectly works with your body's endocannibinoid system, activating it to help promote and maintain cellular homeostasis or optimum cellular performance. This biological equilibrium improves the inflammatory response of the immune system, helping to reduce or eliminate symptoms such as pain.

Lucille Vega, a private Concierge Practice Physician who holds a BS in Chemistry and Biology from the University of California Irvine and a Medical Doctorate from Dartmough Medical School, conducted a clinical trial using CBD and found that 88.7% of the participants would recommend CBD to another person because of significant reductions of symptoms from headaches and migraines, pain management, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Researchers at the Institute of Toxicology and Pharmacology, at the University of Rostock in Germany found that CBD reversed the invasion of of human lung cancer cells and cervical cancer cells, decreasing the tumor cell invasiveness. Dr. Sean McAllister, a scientist at the Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco that specializes in therapeutic interventions for various cancers, found that CBD is a potent inhibitor of breast cancer cell proliferation.

The potential health benefits of using CBD has sprouted an entire industry, with companies marketing everything from hemp seed oil and other inferior products as miracle CBD cures, a practice prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration. Consumers need to be wary and select products manufactured to the highest standards extracted from whole hemp plants. Products like Alpha Neurogenics line of CBD drops are manufactured according to FDA guidelines for supplements, and independently lab tested for purity and potency.

You don't need to be sick or experiencing inflammatory symptoms to benefit from CBD use. Because CBD boosts your endocannibinoid system function and helps repair and maintain the body, it can be used in lower doses as a daily supplement to improve overall health and wellness and help fight off seasonal illnesses.

For more information visit Alpha Neurogenics website. Our readers get additional savings by using the code "Save$5" at checkout.

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